When you enter our building you will see large blue signs directing you to our sign in area.  Our Children’s Director, Shauna Mercaldo, will greet you and your child and help you through the quick process of signing in.  Your child will receive a sticker with his/her name, allergies, location and security code.  You will receive a sticker with a matching security code. You will use that sticker to pick up your child when services have ended.  We value the safety and security of our children as well as your time!  Thank you for helping us make the process quick and secure!

Kid Check In

How to get your sticker

When you approach the kiosk, if you’ve been with us before, type in your last name. If not, add yourself as a guest and follow screen prompts.

If you’ve been with us before, select your name, then select child and event. If you have brought a guest with your family, you may add them at this time.